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Home alone?

I’m at the UKMG extravaganza next Saturday in Nottingham, celebrating books for 9-12 year olds, including my own Joe All Alone. But ahead of that, I’m getting shouty rather than celebratory. This went up over on Pewter Wolf’s blog today, … Continue reading

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Undertow began on a blistering August day on the cliffs above Loe Bar in Cornwall, notorious for its riptides and dangerous currents. But as summer turned to bleak midwinter, and I watched a friend dragged down by the weight of … Continue reading

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Dedication’s what you need… (and a clicker, apparently)

So, got up, ate porridge, corralled angry small menace into school uniform (disappointment at having to go to school dressed as schoolgirl, not Katherine Parr, due to Ofsted swooping in and causing cancellation of World Book Day), set new world … Continue reading

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The Life of Riley

I never wanted to be a writer when I grew up. That is to say, it didn’t occur to me that writing was a “real” job, much less one that I would be capable of, or derive enjoyment from, my … Continue reading

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Joanna Nadin is a Record Breaker (potentially)

I have never been a high achiever. Until I started writing (thanks to Penny Dreadful, Solomon Smee and Maisie Morris), the only two things I had won were a Toners hair dye from Jackie magazine in 1982 and the umbrella … Continue reading

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Here comes (more) trouble

No more sleeps! It’s publication day for Penny Dreadful! This time her BRILLIANT IDEAS™ include turning over a NEW LEAF i.e. sawing Bridget Grimes in half, making a cake that is cooked with LOVE (and organic things and a plastic … Continue reading

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When John Hughes closes a door…

There’s a line in Paul Murray’s high school epic Skippy Dies that, on first reading, is less a lightbulb moment and more like being hit over the head with a giant hammer of the blindingly obvious, and, on subsequent examination, … Continue reading

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